Wednesday, 27 June 2012

so what is going on around here?

i no longer write here but don't worry i haven't stopped blogging all together,

oh no!

i have set up a new blog:

this has been something i have thought about doing for quite a while
and now seems a really good time to do it.

the new blog won't be that different: it is a lifestyle blog
documenting my little family through photos and posts,
where we go; what we have been up to etc.

starting a new blog just allowed me to reaffirm this focus
as Lottie Really Loves has been a real learning curve for me and taught me so many
things about blogging and how lovely the blogging community is.

so i hope you will come and read the new blog and enjoy it as much you have this one.

thanks for all your support:
reading my blog; your comments; emails; everything.
 it means a lot.

i hope to see you over at Tiger and the Pussycat soon.